About Us

Pebel Lifeware is a mompreneur duo owned start-up committed to providing Lifestyle Essentials that are completely customizable. Featuring minimalistic, classic designs, we create products that are functional and sustainable.

Our love for utility-oriented items and obsession for effortless gifting is at the core of what we do. We take pride in our product line and we strive to produce planet-friendly items

Minita’s love for sustainable everyday ware and Ritu’s hunt for purposeful gifting gave birth to India’s first customizable Borosilicate Lifestyle essential brand; Pebel Lifeware.

This female-owned company has diverse experiences and diverse interests but a common goal; creating stronger relationships through personal gifts, powered by the simplest user experiences, with sustainability underpinned into its core.

Ritu Shah (Co-Founder)

A Boy Mom, a big fan of checklists (must. check. all. the. boxes!) & a minimalist-lover.

Completed post-graduation in management at an early age & dove right into the corporate world. I obtained an in-depth understanding of numerous
businesses from the horse's mouth while working in the Investment Banking industry for nearly a decade, dealing with Entrepreneurs & CEOs. I've always admired their passion to their respective enterprises.

I spent my days secretly reading entrepreneur books under my desk, and my nights nerding out on spreadsheets (I-Banker finds it difficult to think without these) for planning. Finally, post this stint, I teamed up with my Bestie to start day-doing my day-dreaming & founded Pebel Lifeware, a line of Personalized Lifestyle Essentials.

Interesting Fact: Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder, a visual planner & an avid reader

Minita Parekh (Co-Founder)

Engineer by education, Artistic Baker by heart, Mom-preneur by choice!

 Born and brought up in Mumbai, Minita always had the flair for the artistic. A trained pastry chef and cake artist from Auguste Escoffier School of Pastry Arts USA, she was biten by the brand marketing bug at an early age and has worked on multiple launch campaigns.

 At 28, while pursuing her MBA from SPJIMR, she found a glaring lack of thought and innovation put into "sustainability" in material choices of everyday ware. This led to the birth of Pebel Lifeware, a hi-design sustainable everyday ware brand.

 At Pebel Lifeware, Minita wears many hats, namely managing our social media, working closely with suppliers for new product development that are constantly improving our offerings, photoshoot, etc


Our Team