Crafting a Personalized Welcome Kit Experience at Maersk

Crafting a Personalized Welcome Kit Experience at Maersk

At Pebel Lifeware, we have had the privilege of building strong relationships with our clients over the years, but there's one that stands out as truly special – our journey with Maersk. This remarkable partnership began around 2.5 years ago when we embarked on a mission to create a welcome kit for employees for Maersk's new office in Godrej Vikhroli.

A Newbie's Excitement

We were relatively new to the corporate gifting scene back then, and the opportunity to handle a request for 1500 hampers for a prestigious client like Maersk filled us with both excitement and nervous anticipation. Crafting such a significant order with limited manpower was indeed a challenge, but we were determined to deliver beyond expectations.

Building Trust through Dedication

What stood out, right from the beginning, was Maersk's unwavering trust in us and our products. The journey to finalize the perfect hamper was an intensive one, spanning 30-40 days filled with countless iterations and meticulous sampling. From selecting the right Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles to crafting personalized silicone tags, to curating Coffee Mugs with an astonishing 1200 individual names, and sourcing JBL pocket speakers and caps adorned with the company logo – every detail was examined with precision.

Rising to the Challenge

However, the challenge didn't stop at the crafting table. We soon realized that we were competing with other, more experienced vendors. We kept our composure, held our ground, and, as fate would have it, secured the order – our very first big break in the corporate gifting industry.

A Continuing Partnership

From that pivotal moment, Pebel Lifeware and Maersk embarked on a journey together, creating exceptional gifting experiences for various occasions. Whether it's welcome kits for specific teams, gifts for conferences, or even the dispatching of Employee Onboarding kits, we've been there every step of the way.

Trust Breeds Opportunities

Maersk's unwavering trust in our capabilities didn't just end with their orders. Numerous referrals from their sibling companies followed, presenting us with intriguing options outside of our original collaboration. Making Diwali gift hampers for Switzer was one such noteworthy endeavour, which is evidence of the long-lasting connections we establish.

In our collaboration with Maersk, we aim to provide one-of-a-kind experiences that capture the spirit of their brand rather than just producing corporate presents. It involves going above and above to ensure that each employee feels appreciated and welcomed.

The team at Pebel Lifeware is honoured to be a part of Maersk's journey and provides every corporate gifting experience we curate with excellence, creativity, and a dash of personalisation. Our experience with Maersk is a great illustration of what commitment, trust, and innovation can accomplish in the globe. It’s our constant endeavour to work towards curating best employee welcome kits in India for our corporate clients.